India Regional ISEMPH Group

Ambassador: Tamojit Ghosh

I am  is a UAE based clinician.  I practice family medicine and have past training in surgery and anatomy.The primary initiatives and activities I have in mind for the India are :

1)      Do primary Evolutionary medicine research in collaboration with private and government organizations in India
2)      To educate the indian public about Evolutionary Medicine in general – digitally or through physical means
3)      To coordinate teleconferences between researchers with the Indian communities and elsewhere.
4)      To acquire Indian or International funding for projects in Evolutionary Medicine in the Indian diaspora. This would include the areas of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
5)      To develop  a diverse community of individuals and organizations interested in evolutionary medicine – in the Indian subcontinent.
6)      Present the work of Evolutionary Medicine researchers in Indian Conferences. Focus on the Indian Science Congress held in the first 2 weeks of each year has been emphasized by me in the past.

Feel free to ask me questions of all wavelengths and my contacts below :

 Email :     


Mobile :             00-971-56-693-1051

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