2018-2021 Officers, Council, and Committees

Executive Committee

President: Randolph Nesse 2018-2019

President-Elect: Barbara Natterson-Horowitz 2018-2019

Treasurer: Andrea Graham 2017-2021

Secretary: Grazyna Jasienska 2017-2019

Elected Council Members

Joe Alcock 2017-2019

Michelle Blyth 2017-2019

Isabel Gordo 2017-2021

Joseph Graves 2017-2021

Alejandra Nuñez de la Mora 2017-2019

Frank Rühli 2017-2019

Marlene Zuk 2017-2021

Committee Chairs

Bylaws: Robert Perlman

Education and Outreach:  Mark Schwartz

EMPH Editor-in-Chief: Charlie Nunn

Meetings: Marlene Zuk

Omenn Prize: Cynthia Beall

Publications: Andrew Read

Williams Prize: Robert Gatenby

Social Media: Djuke Veldhuis

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