Final ISEMPH 2021 Conference Update

Dear ISEMPH 2021 Registered Delegate,

We are pleased to provide you with a final update regarding the 2021 ISEMPH virtual conference, July 14-16, 2021.

The program and schedule are available online at There you can download Excel files of the schedule (at a glance) and the program that lists the time, day, and content for each live session. The website also has links to sortable online tables that list all of the presentations in the invited, open oral, and poster sessions. Please continue to review all of the pre-recorded talks and posters on our website: The password  was sent to you in an email. If you did not get it please send a copy of your registrtion invoice to Please remember that, as a registered delegate, you are not permitted to share this password with anyone else, and by entering the site you agree to not copy, download, record, or otherwise circulate video and other files provided by conference presenters.

Under the “Live Sessions” tab of the conference website, you will find Zoom links for all sessions. Each link will be active at the time indicated. If you are a moderator/organizer/presenter, you are to use separate links that have already been sent to you.

A few notes and recommendations to facilitate this experience:

1. Update your Zoom software to the latest version.

2. You may change your Zoom view between speaker and gallery at your discretion.

3. A live transcript can be viewed, and subtitles can be enabled or disabled.

4. Be prepared to use the best internet connection you have access to.

5. To avoid distracting speakers with the chat or hand raising, we will use the Q&A function in Zoom for posting all questions.

6. Audience members should be able to see and hear the speakers, but will not be able to see or message other audience members using our webinar format. Likewise, speakers will not be able to see or hear the audience, thus the use of the Q&A function.

7. All sessions will be recorded. We cannot guarantee that Zoom, the internet, or personal computing equipment will function flawlessly. If you miss a session, we will attempt to put them on the website through the month of July.

8. Please note that we will be ending sessions on time. It is not our intention to purposefully cut people off when speaking or for questions to go unanswered.

9. For the majority of sessions (open and invited), presenters will give short summaries of their pre-recorded talks or posters. Pre-recordings (available on our website) will not be replayed during the live sessions.

10. Don’t forget to join us for the Q&A with ISEMPH Executive Council, the Global Village Get Together, as well as the Grand Challenges event. Information about all three can be found on the program website.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you,

Michael Muehlenbein

On behalf of the 2021 ISEMPH Program Committee

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