The 2017 meeting of the International Society of Evolution, Medicine & Public Health took place on August 18-21, in Groningen in conjunction with the XVIth European Society for Evolutionary Biology Meeting.  ISEMPH brought together scientists, teachers, clinicians, and students in the evolution and medicine community to share ideas and create new connections that will advance the field. This open meeting was designed to bridge the many different disciplines where relevant research takes place, including infectious disease, public health, genetics, anthropology, psychology, oncology, ecology, and veterinary medicine.
The first two days of the ISEMPH Annual Meeting was at the University of Groningen Medical Center, the Monday sessions were at the Groningen Conference Center in conjunction with the European Society for Evolutionary Biology Biannual Meeting August 20-25.

Keynote Speakers

For those who could not join us, and those who want to recall fine times, here are links to the Program , Keynotes and to all Abstract registrations.

George C. Williams Award 

Postnatal depression and reproductive success in modern, low-fertility contexts.” article by Sara Myers, and her colleagues Oskar Burger and Sarah E.

University of Kent, Canterbury.

Omenn Prize

More effective drugs lead to harder selective sweeps in the evolution of drug resistance in HIV-1“. by Alison Feder and her colleagues.

Stanford University

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