ISEMPH is honored to sponsor two academic publications: an Oxford University Press Journal and an academic review blog.

Evolution, Medicine & Public Health Journal

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Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health is an open access journal that publishes original, rigorous applications of evolutionary thought to issues in medicine and public health. It aims to connect evolutionary biology with the health sciences to produce insights that may reduce suffering and save lives. Because evolutionary biology is a basic science that reaches across many disciplines, this journal is open to contributions on a broad range of topics.

EMPH has no restrictions on reuse other than the requirement that the original paper is cited fully. Publication in EMPH satisfies the requirements of funding agencies such as the Wellcome Trust and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) that require immediate or rapid open access publication. All papers from EMPH will be automatically deposited on behalf of authors in the open access repository PubMedCentral by the publisher.

EMPH papers are designed to be of interest and accessible across a broad spectrum of biological and medical disciplines and will be reviewed, wherever possible, by one person from each of those two broad communities. Special features to facilitate understanding include text boxes within articles to explain points that would ordinarily require specialized knowledge, and a very brief, accessible, summary of each paper on the Table of Contents page.

EMPH publishes papers in the following categories:
1. Editorials
2. Commentaries
3. Reviews
4. Interpretive essays
5. Original research articles
6. Brevia
7. Correspondence
8. Case studies
9. Book reviews
10. Meeting reports
11. Clinical briefs

As expected of a good open access journal, EMPH emphasizes fast publication. The editors aim to have an average time to first decision on manuscripts within 28 days of submission, and once accepted, PDFs of manuscripts will be published online in ‘Advance Access’ within a few days of acceptance. The fully formatted, copy-edited, and typeset version of each paper will be published online about four weeks later, without the need to wait until an ‘issue’ is complete.

EMPH has a rigorous policy on ethical publishing and is a member of the Committee for Publishing Ethics, COPE.

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The Evolution & Medicine Review

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The Evolution & Medicine Review (EMR) is a  scientific publication created by and for the community of scientists, scholars, clinicians and teachers working at the interface of evolution and medicine/public health.The EMR provides open access to carefully selected information from diverse sources, along with engaging commentary and opportunities for discussion.

The International Society for Evolution, Medicine & Public Health sponsors the review, along with an Oxford University Press Journal, Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health.

The EMR is not mainly for publishing original research, although that is possible.  It is intended instead as an information nexus for the field.  The posts on the homepage are written by scientists who have volunteered to serve as Senior Correspondents and can provide diverse authoritative perspectives from many different subfields. They report on new papers, projects, meetings, teaching resources, and funding opportunities.

Our larger aim is to help build the evolution and medicine community by providing a central resource that everyone can use and contribute to. With your help, the EMR can fulfill that role. We encourage all who are working or interested in the intersection of evolution and medicine to post replies and information that others may be able to use.

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