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14 Aug 2023 ISEMPH 2023 in Irvine, California
13 Aug 2023 Reserve dorm room for ISEMPH 2023
15 Jun 2022 Club EvMed: The Normal and the Pathological Revisited
9 Jun 2022 Club EvMed: The mechanisms behind Peto's paradox
26 May 2022 Club EvMed: Moffitt's Evolutionary Tumor Board
25 Apr 2022 Club EvMed: Assessing the risk of vaccine-driven virulence evolution in SARS-CoV-2
7 Apr 2022 Club EvMed: The evolutionary epidemiology of infectious diseases
24 Mar 2022 Club EvMed: Sequential antibiotic therapy as a potent strategy against bacterial pathogens
9 Mar 2022 Club EvMed: Spatial profiling links genetic diversity to immune infiltration in glioblastoma
24 Feb 2022 Club EvMed: Immunity, symbiosis, and COVID-19
10 Feb 2022 Club EvMed: Candidate gene studies and the fallibility of the scientific process
18 Jan 2022 Club EvMed: A Natural History of the Future
11 Jan 2022 Club EvMed: Control system failures and evolutionary medicine
14 Dec 2021 Club EvMed: Genetic adaptation to zoonotic viruses: how did chimpanzees adapt to SIV/HIV infections?
2 Dec 2021 Club EvMed: The genetic history of the plague: what we learn from ancient pandemics
18 Nov 2021 Club EvMed: Deciphering the persistence of antimicrobial resistance in the absence of antimicrobial pressure using a One Health approach
4 Nov 2021 Club EvMed: Can evolution-thinking bring phage therapy closer to standard-of-care?
21 Oct 2021 Club EvMed: Evolutionary demography sheds light on the allelic spectrum of late-onset diseases
14 Oct 2021 Club EvMed: How evolutionary behavioural sciences can help us understand behaviour in a pandemic
21 Sep 2021 Club EvMed: The durability of immunity against reinfection by SARS-CoV-2
9 Sep 2021 Club EvMed: Alzheimer's Disease: a case of evolutionary mismatch?
24 Aug 2021 Club EvMed: SARS-CoV-2 transmission bottlenecks and why we care
21 Jul 2021 Club EvMed: Understanding evolutionary mismatch at the genomic level
14 Jul 2021 ISEMPH 2021
29 Jun 2021 Club EvMed: Of Mice and Elephants
21 Jun 2021 Club EvMed: Evolution management from a game-theory perspective
11 Jun 2021 Club EvMed: Why is human childbirth so difficult?
17 May 2021 Club EvMed: Divergent evolutionary roots for posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms
10 May 2021 Club EvMed: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Human Nature
29 Apr 2021 Club EvMed: Postdoc Spotlight
21 Apr 2021 Club EvMed: Die young, live fast
5 Apr 2021 Club EvMed: Causes and consequences of fear of childbirth
1 Apr 2021 Club EvMed: The WEIRDest People in the World
25 Mar 2021 Club EvMed: Harnessing the social lives of microbes to improve human health
9 Mar 2021 Club EvMed: 7 Metabolic Myths
23 Feb 2021 Club EvMed: Does evolutionary biology have anything to say about how we should use antibiotics?
17 Feb 2021 Club EvMed: HIV and male sexual behavior: a hypothesis and its history
11 Feb 2021 Club EvMed: How vaccines train the immune system in ways no one expected
28 Jan 2021 Club EvMed: Successful Aging in the Forest
22 Jan 2021 Club EvMed: Wealth, inequality, and health in a small-scale subsistence society
11 Jan 2021 Club EvMed: Integrating evolutionary dynamics into clinical cancer treatment
1 Dec 2020 Club EvMed: Age-dependence in evolutionary mismatch with Michael R. Rose and Grant Rutledge
17 Nov 2020 Club EvMed: Social immunity with Sylvia Cremer, Nathalie Stroeymeyt, and Chris Pull
12 Nov 2020 Club EvMed: The Nature of Fear with Daniel Blumstein
4 Nov 2020 Club EvMed: Postdoc Spotlight with Caroline Amoroso, Amrita Bhattacharya, and Angela Garcia
27 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: Pathogen selection for HLA gene diversity with Tobias Lenz
19 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: evolutionary understanding of aging and cancer with James DeGregori
13 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: Survival of the Friendliest with Brian Hare
6 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: SARS-CoV-2 susceptibility in 400 species with Elinor Karlsson
1 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: Race and evolutionary medicine with Joseph L. Graves Jr.
24 Sep 2020 Club EvMed: Student Spotlight with Lafi Aldakak, Chenlu Di, and Iman Hamid
17 Sep 2020 Club EvMed: Physical inactivity with Daniel Lieberman
10 Sep 2020 Club EvMed: Human birth timing with Abbe Labella, Abin Abraham, Lou Muglia, Antonis Rokas, and Tony Capra
3 Sep 2020 Club EvMed: Cancer and life history traits with Amy Boddy
27 Aug 2020 Club EvMed: Racial differences in immune respone to Helicobacter pylori with Meira Epplein and Julia Butt
20 Aug 2020 Club EvMed: The new tangled bank of disease with Brandon Ogbunu
20 Jul 2020 Club EvMed: High-altitude hypoxia with Cynthia Beall
15 Jul 2020 Cancelled: 2020 ISEMPH Pre-Meeting Workshop
15 Jul 2020 Cancelled: ISEMPH 2020 in Athens, Georgia
14 Jul 2020 Club EvMed: Tracking pathogens through time with Verena Schuenemann
6 Jul 2020 Club EvMed: Evolution of skin color with Nina Jablonski
30 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: The nature of adolescence with B. N. Horowitz
23 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: Batural Selection with Bernard Crespi
15 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: Social determinants of health with Jenny Tung, Noah Snyder-Mackler, and Dan Belsky
11 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: Tacit creationism in emotions research with Randolph Nesse
3 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: The role of chance in evolution with Sean B. Carroll
26 May 2020 Club EvMed: The evolution of cheating cells in cancer with Athena Aktipis
18 May 2020 ClubEvMed: Evolution and Avoiding Catastrophic Risks with Daniel Blumstein and Terence Taylor
15 May 2020 ClubEvMed: Cytokine Storm with Joe Alcock
13 Aug 2019 ISEMPH 2019 in Zurich
1 Aug 2018 ISEMPH 4th Annual Meeting

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