Upcoming events

    • 5 Jul 2022
    • 8:00 AM (BST)
    • 8 Jul 2022
    • 8:00 PM (BST)
    • Lisbon, Portugal

    The Seventh Annual Meeting of the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health will be in-person at the beautiful Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon, July 5-8, 2022.  Students, researchers, clinicians, teachers and others are all welcome to join this opportunity to hear the latest advances from world leaders, to present your own research, and to renew old friendships and make new ones. And to enjoy all that Lisbon has to offer!

    If your plans change, registration fees are refundable until two weeks before the meeting. 

    If you are a full paid-up ISEMPH member, click the "Register" button to use your email address to sign into your ISEMPH.org account. If you have forgotten your password or never had one, click "Forgot Password." If you are not a member or your membership has expired, you may want to join or renew your membership before registering to get the substantial member discount. 

    The ISEMPH 2022 website offers full information about the ProgramTravel and lodging.  But If you have questions, send them to Manager@isemph.org,  HostingCommittee@isemph.org or ProgramCommittee@isemph.org and we will be glad to respond. 

    If you can't make it to Lisbon, we hope to see you at ClubEvMed!

    When you are on the registration page, scroll down and click the "Register" button in the lower left hand corner of the page. The icons for payment methods just indicate what cards are accepted, you do not need to click them. 

Past events

15 Jun 2022 Club EvMed: The Normal and the Pathological Revisited
9 Jun 2022 Club EvMed: The mechanisms behind Peto's paradox
26 May 2022 Club EvMed: Moffitt's Evolutionary Tumor Board
25 Apr 2022 Club EvMed: Assessing the risk of vaccine-driven virulence evolution in SARS-CoV-2
7 Apr 2022 Club EvMed: The evolutionary epidemiology of infectious diseases
24 Mar 2022 Club EvMed: Sequential antibiotic therapy as a potent strategy against bacterial pathogens
9 Mar 2022 Club EvMed: Spatial profiling links genetic diversity to immune infiltration in glioblastoma
24 Feb 2022 Club EvMed: Immunity, symbiosis, and COVID-19
10 Feb 2022 Club EvMed: Candidate gene studies and the fallibility of the scientific process
18 Jan 2022 Club EvMed: A Natural History of the Future
11 Jan 2022 Club EvMed: Control system failures and evolutionary medicine
14 Dec 2021 Club EvMed: Genetic adaptation to zoonotic viruses: how did chimpanzees adapt to SIV/HIV infections?
2 Dec 2021 Club EvMed: The genetic history of the plague: what we learn from ancient pandemics
18 Nov 2021 Club EvMed: Deciphering the persistence of antimicrobial resistance in the absence of antimicrobial pressure using a One Health approach
4 Nov 2021 Club EvMed: Can evolution-thinking bring phage therapy closer to standard-of-care?
21 Oct 2021 Club EvMed: Evolutionary demography sheds light on the allelic spectrum of late-onset diseases
14 Oct 2021 Club EvMed: How evolutionary behavioural sciences can help us understand behaviour in a pandemic
21 Sep 2021 Club EvMed: The durability of immunity against reinfection by SARS-CoV-2
9 Sep 2021 Club EvMed: Alzheimer's Disease: a case of evolutionary mismatch?
24 Aug 2021 Club EvMed: SARS-CoV-2 transmission bottlenecks and why we care
21 Jul 2021 Club EvMed: Understanding evolutionary mismatch at the genomic level
14 Jul 2021 ISEMPH 2021
29 Jun 2021 Club EvMed: Of Mice and Elephants
21 Jun 2021 Club EvMed: Evolution management from a game-theory perspective
11 Jun 2021 Club EvMed: Why is human childbirth so difficult?
17 May 2021 Club EvMed: Divergent evolutionary roots for posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms
10 May 2021 Club EvMed: The COVID-19 Pandemic and Human Nature
29 Apr 2021 Club EvMed: Postdoc Spotlight
21 Apr 2021 Club EvMed: Die young, live fast
5 Apr 2021 Club EvMed: Causes and consequences of fear of childbirth
1 Apr 2021 Club EvMed: The WEIRDest People in the World
25 Mar 2021 Club EvMed: Harnessing the social lives of microbes to improve human health
9 Mar 2021 Club EvMed: 7 Metabolic Myths
23 Feb 2021 Club EvMed: Does evolutionary biology have anything to say about how we should use antibiotics?
17 Feb 2021 Club EvMed: HIV and male sexual behavior: a hypothesis and its history
11 Feb 2021 Club EvMed: How vaccines train the immune system in ways no one expected
28 Jan 2021 Club EvMed: Successful Aging in the Forest
22 Jan 2021 Club EvMed: Wealth, inequality, and health in a small-scale subsistence society
11 Jan 2021 Club EvMed: Integrating evolutionary dynamics into clinical cancer treatment
1 Dec 2020 Club EvMed: Age-dependence in evolutionary mismatch with Michael R. Rose and Grant Rutledge
17 Nov 2020 Club EvMed: Social immunity with Sylvia Cremer, Nathalie Stroeymeyt, and Chris Pull
12 Nov 2020 Club EvMed: The Nature of Fear with Daniel Blumstein
4 Nov 2020 Club EvMed: Postdoc Spotlight with Caroline Amoroso, Amrita Bhattacharya, and Angela Garcia
27 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: Pathogen selection for HLA gene diversity with Tobias Lenz
19 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: evolutionary understanding of aging and cancer with James DeGregori
13 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: Survival of the Friendliest with Brian Hare
6 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: SARS-CoV-2 susceptibility in 400 species with Elinor Karlsson
1 Oct 2020 Club EvMed: Race and evolutionary medicine with Joseph L. Graves Jr.
24 Sep 2020 Club EvMed: Student Spotlight with Lafi Aldakak, Chenlu Di, and Iman Hamid
17 Sep 2020 Club EvMed: Physical inactivity with Daniel Lieberman
10 Sep 2020 Club EvMed: Human birth timing with Abbe Labella, Abin Abraham, Lou Muglia, Antonis Rokas, and Tony Capra
3 Sep 2020 Club EvMed: Cancer and life history traits with Amy Boddy
27 Aug 2020 Club EvMed: Racial differences in immune respone to Helicobacter pylori with Meira Epplein and Julia Butt
20 Aug 2020 Club EvMed: The new tangled bank of disease with Brandon Ogbunu
20 Jul 2020 Club EvMed: High-altitude hypoxia with Cynthia Beall
15 Jul 2020 Cancelled: 2020 ISEMPH Pre-Meeting Workshop
15 Jul 2020 Cancelled: ISEMPH 2020 in Athens, Georgia
14 Jul 2020 Club EvMed: Tracking pathogens through time with Verena Schuenemann
6 Jul 2020 Club EvMed: Evolution of skin color with Nina Jablonski
30 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: The nature of adolescence with B. N. Horowitz
23 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: Batural Selection with Bernard Crespi
15 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: Social determinants of health with Jenny Tung, Noah Snyder-Mackler, and Dan Belsky
11 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: Tacit creationism in emotions research with Randolph Nesse
3 Jun 2020 Club EvMed: The role of chance in evolution with Sean B. Carroll
26 May 2020 Club EvMed: The evolution of cheating cells in cancer with Athena Aktipis
18 May 2020 ClubEvMed: Evolution and Avoiding Catastrophic Risks with Daniel Blumstein and Terence Taylor
15 May 2020 ClubEvMed: Cytokine Storm with Joe Alcock
13 Aug 2019 ISEMPH 2019 in Zurich
1 Aug 2018 ISEMPH 4th Annual Meeting

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