Roland Regoes

ETH, Switzerland

Experimental epidemiology with virus: toward assessing phylodynamics

Mhairi Gibson

University of Bristol, UK

The social and evolutionary dynamics of female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C) abandonment

Isabel Gordo

Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência, Portugal

Eco-evolutionary dynamics of Escherichia coli when it colonizes the intestinal tract

Joseph L. Graves 

North Carolina A&T State University, USA

Racial health inequality is a solved problem: Now what do we do about it?

Gunther Janssen

Pharma PHC Centre of Excellence, Hoffman-La Roche / Genentech, Switzerland

Discussion and Q&A on Pharma in and Evolutionary World

C. Jessica Metcalf 

Princeton University, USA

What we can and can’t predict about the evolutionary trajectory of SARS-CoV-2

George C. Williams Award

Evolutionary selection of alleles in melanophilin gene that impacts on pte organ function and cancer risk

by Luca Ermini, Jeffrey C Francis,  Gabriel S Rosa,  Alexandra J Rose,  Jian Ning, Mel Greaves,  Amanda Swain

Centre for Evolution and Cancer, The Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK

Gilbert S. Omenn Prize

Genetic ancestry effects on the response to viral infection are pervasive but cell type specific

by Haley E. Randolph, Haley E. Randolph, Jessica K. Fiege, Beth K. Thielen, Clayton K. Mickelson, Mari Shiratori , João Barroso-Batista, Ryan A. Langlois, Luis B. Barreiro

The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US

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