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The EvMedEd Navigator below organizes Medically Relevant Examples of evolution (MREs) by the evolutionary medicine principles they apply and the health topics they fall under.

EvMedEd Matrix
Cancer Infectious diseases Autoimmune disease and allergies Aging Diseases of the modern world Reproductive health Human Biology
Coevolution Myxoma Virus in Rabbits
Cultural practices Myxoma Virus in Rabbits The Bajau Sea Nomads
Evolutionary processes Peto's Paradox The Bajau Sea Nomads
Life history theory Peto's Paradox
Multiple levels of selection Adaptive Therapy
Phylogeny Peto's Paradox
Plasticity The Bajau Sea Nomads
Proximate and evolutionary explanations The Bajau Sea Nomads
Reproductive success
Sex-specific evolution The Obstetrical Dilemma
Trade-offs Adaptive Therapy Myxoma Virus in Rabbits The Obstetrical Dilemma
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