North Africa, Near and Middle East ISEMPH Regional Group

Ambassador: Tamojit Ghosh

I am  is a UAE based clinician.  The primary  initiative for the ISEMPH in which I am involved is the setting up of a permanent ISEMPH office.  The area covered would be the  6 GCC countries ( Saudi ARbia, Kuwait, Bahrain. UAE, Oman and Qatar ) Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Israel , Sudan , Ethiopia, Eritrea and Libya to name a few. Geographically Northern Africa has 11 countries.

This area has a lot of excavations and ancient religious  artefacts throwing much light in the lieu of modern research into understanding evolution of human diseases.  The initiatives I hope to achieve for the ISEMPH is :

1)          Set up a permanent and funded ISEMPH office  based in the UAE.  This would be a future nodal center for coordinating all middle east based activity of the ISEMPH.

2)          Holding ISEMPH conferences  ( physical and teleconferences) in  the future. 

3)          Publicity of the ISEMPH in the middle east  in civilian and government circles

4)          To develop a resource center of data for middle east and North Africa based Evolutionary Medicine Research in the future

5)          Initiate other global initiatives of the ISEMPH based on the success of smaller initiatives developed in the middle east ISEMP office.  This is important to achieve targets and conserve resources.

6)          Educating the public about Evolutionary Medicine and the role done by the ISEMPH.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me :

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Mobile :              00-971-56-693-1051

I usually call back directly and answer emails within 48 hours. Whatsapp is currently the communication I prefer.

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