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The mission of the International Society for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health is to foster communication among scientists, students, clinicians and public health professionals who want to use evolutionary insights to improve medical research and practice, and to use studies of human health and disease to advance evolutionary biology.  To accomplish this mission ISEMPH sponsors annual meetings, the journal Evolution, Medicine, & Public Health, The Evolution and Medicine Reviewand EvMedEd Join ISEMPH to help us discover new ways that evolutionary biology can improve human health. Special discounts on membership and renewal until March 30, 2021.

The 2019 meeting was August 13-16 at the University of Zurich. Frank Rühli and Nicole Bender chaired the hosting committee, Koos Boomsma chaired the program committee.  The abstracts from the 2019 meeting in Zurich are now online 

The 2022 meeting will be in Lisbon, Portugal.  Patricia Brito is leading planning for the meeting, Michael Hochberg will chair the program committee. 

Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health is an open access Oxford University Press journal that publishes original, rigorous applications of evolutionary thought to issues in medicine and public health. It aims to connect evolutionary biology with the health sciences to produce insights that may reduce suffering and save lives. In addition to research and review articles it publishes very short overviews of clinical topics and core principles of evolutionary medicine. Charles Nunn is the Editor. He welcomes email notes about possible article.

The Evolution & Medicine Review (EMR) is a  scientific publication created by and for the community of scientists, scholars, clinicians and teachers working at the interface of evolution and medicine/public health.The EMR provides open access to carefully selected information from diverse sources, along with engaging commentary and opportunities for discussion. The Editor welcomes suggestions for articles of interest to the evolution and medicine community. 

EvMedEd is a searchable sortable database of over 1500 links to authoritative resources for evolutionary medicine. Teachers and students will find it especially useful, but it is also for scientists, clinicians and anyone curious about how evolutionary biology is being used to understand disease and improve health. It can be used to create evolutionary medicine classes, to add content to other classes, or to find relevant short videos or papers during hospital rounds or informal discussions. Please add resources to the database! 

The International Society for Evolution, Medicine & Public Health is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization. Copyright (c) 2018. Contact:

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