• Talks will occur in 15 minute timeslots, with 12 minutes for presenting and 3 minutes for Q&A
  •  Please name your file LASTNAMEof listed speaker-Day-Time-Room, for example, Fox-Tuesday-8:45am-Auditorium.pdf or Fox-Tuesday-8:45am-Auditorium.pptx so we can get it to the right computer at the right time
  • Then upload your presentation to the ISEMPH Google Drive folder by clicking HERE By Friday please, but later is possible if necessary. 
  • If the above link does not work you can paste this into your browser:
  • You may need to log into a gmail or google account to access this form. If that's a problem for you, then just bring your talk on a USB drive and don't worry about uploading.
    • Everyone giving a talk (including Open Session, Keynote, Prize Winners, and Invited Symposium presenters) should use this same link and upload their presentations. 
    • Alternatively, you may have your presentation on a USB drive (aka "flash drive" or "thumb drive") and give it to Jay Labov the local host-- he will introduce himself at the start of conference. You must give him the USB stick with your presentation no later than breakfast on the day of your talk. We strongly prefer for you to use Google Drive if possible.
  • Your presentation must be Windows PC compatible. Recommended formats are Powerpoint or PDF. Do not use the Mac program Keynote.
  • During the conference, presenters can review their slides in the Library Room, where there are two PC computers and a printer. The Library is adjacent to the Atrium and between the Board and Huntington Rooms.


Posters should be 4 ft. (122 cm) high and 4 ft. (122 cm wide) or smaller, and either vertical or horizontal orientation is fine as long as it fits in that size limit. Push pins will be provided.

Posters will need to be taken down after the poster session.


Please use this link to create or upload your slide

By Monday Aug 7 if possible, but later is also possible.

We also invite you to give a 1-2 minute flash talk in addition to your poster in a session just before the poster session.  Each poster presenter will have 2 minutes to present one slide. 
Please upload your slide Monday Aug 7th if at all possible, by Friday for sure. 

If you choose not to give a flash talk, please send an email to let the organizers know. It’s totally fine and optional and up to you if you would rather do a poster only. 

The slide presentation will be based in Google Slides, which is basically an online version of powerpoint. We have a Google Slides shared file to which each presenter should add their own slide. Your slide may be in any template or style. There are no formatting rules besides that you shouldn’t change the dimensions of the slide deck. 

You can either create the slide right there in the Google Slides website, or, create it on powerpoint and then upload it into the presentation by clicking File, then click Import slides (see screenshot). 

Because this is a shared file amongst all of us, do not edit or delete anyone else’s slides besides your own! Additionally, please make sure you save a copy of your own slide as a backup. It’s fine to download the full presentation to your computer as a backup, see screenshot for how to do this:

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