EvMedEd is a WeSource created for and by the evolution and medicine community. It needs and values your contributions.

EvMedEd users appreciate being able to find resources you recommend...especially those you have created. We make it as easy as possible for you to add links to articles, books, podcasts, websites, videos, syllabi, courses, conferences, and job postings.  EvMedEd  cannot provide direct links to to copyrighted material, and does not store any original content, except syllabi authorized by the instructor.  However,  links to open access materials and to URLs on Google Scholar, Research Gate, Amazon, etc. are welcome.

Use whatever method is easiest to contribute. Act now while we have staff available to help.

  • We only need a DOI or ISBN number, we use that to get all info needed...so send those if you can.
  • Or, send an email to editor@evmeded.org with an attached syllabus.
  • Or send your CV with relevant items highlighted. 
  • Or, send a Zotero, Mendeley or EndNote file with relevant references. 
  • Or, send  a link to a folder of relevant articles
  • Or attach pdfs to an email to editor@evmeded.org.  We will not keep any pdfs, we only use the DOI or ISBN numbers to get full information from public databases
  • Or, use the below form. This is the best way to quickly get courses, syllabi, job postings, and videos into EvMedEd.
  • For resources in languages other than English, use this form.

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